Air Conditioning

Situated in High Wycombe in the county of Buckinghamshire, UK, Full Circle Service and Repair Specialists have been servicing and repairing vehicles for years. We have extensive experience and a reputable name, as our loyal customers recommend us regularly. In addition to air conditioning services, some of the other services we provide are MOT testing and diagnostics.

We have grown over the last 25 years to become High Wycombe’s largest independent garage. We’re trained and certified air-conditioning technicians and provide A/C servicing and installations as well as anti-bacterial treatments and hose and pipe repairs.

At Full Circle we provide air condition recharging services to all vehicles. This includes vehicles which were using a gas called R12. This gas was used in all vehicles up to 1994.

In the years 1994 up to 2015, the gas used was R134a; from 2015 onwards the gas used is R1234YF. We have the facilities to re-gas all these vehicles.

We not only provide re-gassing services, but also provide diagnostic tests. Our A/C technicians provide system pressure diagnostic services automatically when re-gassing an air-conditioning service, 

We’re happy to repair most pipes and hoses used for air-conditioning systems at an affordable rate, which saves you from having to buy expensive replacements.

Each year your vehicle’s air-conditioning service will lose up to 15% of its refrigerant, which means that if the A/C system is not maintained or serviced regularly, the compressor will run for longer, therefore reducing your mileage per gallon and costing you money in the long run. In addition to maintenance and servicing, we perform anti-bacterial treatments in the event of a fungus or bacteria buildup in the system, which causes an unpleasant smell and can sometimes lead to allergic reactions upon inhalation. Fortunately, our anti-bacterial treatments are cost effective and efficient and can even be done while you wait for another service to be completed.

At Full Circle, our basic re-gassing service includes the removal and replacement of old refrigerant, a system vacuum and leak check, dye and oil additions, and refrigerant temperature checks. We have been servicing vehicles for the local community of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire since the mid-nineties and want to do the same for you, so your car remains perfectly comfortable whenever you need it to. For qualified and experienced air-conditioning services, contact us now.

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