Auto Electrics

Electrical Fault Testing & Diagnostics

Situated in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Full Circle Vehicle Service and Repair Specialists is trained in finding electrical faults in your vehicle. We perform both electro mechanical and vehicle electrical repair services.

Most people can’t always tell if there’s something faulty in the electrical system of their vehicle or not, because with technological advances in car manufacturing occurring every year, mechanic and auto electric elements of a car have begun to overlap. These days (especially when working on newer models) repair technicians have begun to offer both services to become an all-in-one vehicle repair and services solution.

Auto electricians work solely with the electronic systems inside your vehicle. At Full Circle we perform diagnostics tests using multimeters, oscilloscopes, onboard diagnostics systems, and dealer specific software scan tools to locate the source of the electrical fault. Any electrical fault you can think of can be found and fixed by our experienced technicians. They can perform repairs ranging from fixing faulty electrical window motors to finding the cause of the ‘check engine light’ coming on.

Our other auto electric services we offer include performing diagnostics tests for ABS, SRS airbag systems and electronic steering systems. We also diagnose and replace problems within faulty starter motors, alternators, batteries, fuel pumps, fuel system components and more. As our team has a superior knowledge of electrical systems and circuits, they can apply these skills to repairing any electrical faults.

The electrical systems inside of an engine bay are complex and vital to the car running smoothly. At Full Circle we can work on any brand or model, We work carefully and meticulously with every vehicle that comes onto the premises. Our technicians are expertly trained, experienced and professional. We work with the client at the front of our minds, because we are just as passionate about repairing cars as we are about having a satisfied customer.

At Full Circle we perform effective auto electrician repairs, services, and diagnostics testing, using the best equipment available in our industry. If you think your vehicle has an electrical fault, call us today.

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