The battery is one of the most critical parts of your car, and it needs to be kept in good condition, as this is what is going to keep you on the road.

Along with the alternator, the battery powers the car so that it runs. It supplies electrical energy to your vehicle to do so, and in most vehicle brands it is located in the engine bay of the vehicle – with some BMW models having the battery in the back of the car and newer models having it underneath the seat. No matter which kind you’re dealing with, Full Circle Vehicle Service & Repair Specialists stock all batteries for all motors.

A battery typically lasts between 3-6 years. You’ll need a new battery after this period because it gets worn out from repeatedly charging and discharging. A bad battery will have an acid leak or show a buildup of corrosion on the terminals. The signs of a dying battery include internal lights and electrical items going on and off, or the motor will start cranking slowly.

Don’t forget that your car’s alternator is just as important when it comes to battery function. The alternator is a generator, which converts mechanical energy from the running motor into electrical power. While the car is running, the alternator also charges the battery. This is why it receives a charge while you’re driving, even if it was flat and you needed to jump start it. The alternator also supplies additional power to the radio, lights, spark plugs and more.

At Full Circle we stock fast moving Bosch batteries. We can also order-in any other Bosch battery which can be with us normally within 1 hour of ordering.

Bosch batteries would be our first choice for batteries because of their reliability and warranty which on most batteries is 3 years.

We can charge and change batteries, source the correct one for your vehicle as well as remove and replace them. Even for very quick and simple jobs like these, we can provide residents in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire with professional, effective, affordable and friendly service.

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