The brakes in your vehicle should be maintained on a regular basis. If your car has faulty brakes, you’re not only putting your life in danger but also the lives of people around you. This reason is why at Full Circle, situated in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, we offer our clients access to brake repair and maintenance specialist services.

Functioning brakes are your first line of safety when driving for when you need to make an emergency stop or if someone else swerves in front of you on the road. Brakes need regular maintenance and care to keep them functioning well – otherwise, you might cause an accident. When it comes to brake maintenance, you need to be proactive and ensure that they’re working perfectly 24/7.

Don’t Neglect Your Brakes

The braking system in any vehicle is a complex one, consisting of many parts which move in sequence to slow or stop your vehicle. The system involves driving a piston directly into a master cylinder, which facilitates brake fluid to move from hoses into callipers and wheel cylinders. Pressing your foot onto the brake pedal puts force on the piston, making the brake pads push against the drum. If any part of the braking system should fail, it’s very dangerous to continue to use your vehicle.

At Full Circle we perform extensive diagnostics tests on the brakes of your car and do a thorough service on your braking system every time you’re scheduled for a service. We perform simple maintenance jobs ranging from simple leaking brake fluid repairs to complex master cylinder replacements. During each service, we inspect each part thoroughly to check for faults, leaks or breakages to diagnose any possible cause of a fault or malfunction.

During a brake system service, we top off brake fluid and inspect the callipers, brake pads and rotors. We even inspect the undercarriage of the vehicle for faults or damage in the brake lines. We use the best equipment available in the industry, and we put our qualifications and years of experience to good use.

If your brakes need to be inspected for damage, or even if they squeak a little when you come to a stop, visit Full Circle in High Wycombe for an extensive and professional brake service.