Citroen service

Do you own a Citroën? You might already be aware of this, but Citroën is one of the oldest car brands to come out of France. Citroën has been designing and producing cars since the early 1900s!

Full Circle is able to provide any vehicle service or repair on any Citroën model, from replacement parts, oil changes and engine rebuilds.

Full Circle Vehicle Service and Repair Specialists have been servicing cars and providing vehicle maintenance for the locals in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire for many years. Our excellent service and professional, helpful manner when dealing with customers has earned us many loyal customers and satisfied clients.

Our team of mechanics at Full Circle are fully certified and experienced to diagnose and repair any faulty Citroën motor. The Citroën brand has been producing bold, creative and intelligently designed vehicles since their conception, so it is absolutely understandable for a Citroën owner to want their car to drive like that – boldly, creatively and designed intelligently!

At Full Circle, we can provide a service that allows your car to stay in line with Citroën’s values and signature approach of elegance and sophistication.

Whether your vehicle is brand new or pre-owned, we meticulously fill out every service we provide in your logbook, making any future repairs or sale of your vehicle as convenient a process as possible.

Knowing cars as well as we do, we understand that selling a pre-owned car at its rightful value is not always easy. We also understand the frustration that comes with buying a pre-owned vehicle with countless faults and engine damage underneath the bonnet. Therefore, by maintaining your logbook after each service, we can ensure that your Citroën will be sold to the right buyer at the highest resale value you can get.

Using the best diagnostics and assessment technology that the industry has available, we can identify what inside of your engine is damaged or faulty. We are able to source and install the correct parts quickly and affordably, for your convenience. Whether you need your brakes redone, a new air filter or an oil change, we can provide it with exceptional customer service, efficient turnaround time and in a professional manner.

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