Mini service

Mini is one of the most popular vehicle brands in Britain because it’s classically British in origin. At Full Circle, the Mini brand is so popular that we’ve worked on thousands of models – from different years and colours to new or pre-owned Mini vehicles, we have the repair experience. This experience has made us Mini repairing experts. Situated in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, we’re known for our excellent customer service and exceptional service record.

We’ll Work On Your Mini

At Full Circle we’ve worked on almost every Mini vehicle that’s been manufactured. We’re adept at repairing the older models as well as the newer models. We can perform simple oil changes, brake fluid top-ups or extensive wiring work and computer programming.

Most modern Mini models are manufactured with an integrated system which has an automatic service alert. That means that your car knows when it needs a service and will alert you as soon as one is needed. This automatic service alert measures and tracks your vehicle’s performance on a daily basis so that when your alert comes through, you can trust that the fault in the engine has not been there for an extended period. This is a highly unique feature, but also convenient. This way, you won’t pay to bring your Mini in for a service if it’s not needed. This system saves you time and money.

Individual Car Servicing

We at Full Circle know that each Mini is different, just as we understand that each Mini owner and their driving habits and style is different as well. This means that depending on your lifestyle, you might require a service sooner or later than other Mini drivers. In this instance, a one-size-fits-all kind of service doesn’t apply. The services required are dependent on the car, the driver and the driver’s treatment of the car.

Our technicians at Full Circle inspect each Mini individually and meticulously to find the faults present. Each Mini that comes in receives unique and careful service and isn’t treated like just another car. We take time to be professional, meticulous and careful. So the next time your Mini needs a service, call Full Circle for a solution.

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