Peugeot service

High Wycombe is home to Full Circle – your first port of call should you need a Peugeot service, repair and maintenance solution. We can service any Peugeot model or year, and have it driving the way it was meant to drive.

Drive A Peugeot?

Peugeot is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Established in 1889, they produce vehicles that are comfortable and pleasurable to drive. Peugeot vehicles are safe, smooth and luxurious vehicles, which creates a superior driving experience.

At Full Circle, we want to ensure that your Peugeot continues to drive the way it should, with our excellent maintenance and repair services.

Although Peugeot’s price range is very wide, in order to get a full return on your investment, it’s best to keep your car in top condition by making sure that your car is serviced regularly. At Full Circle we recommend that your vehicle should come in for a service at least once a year or every 15 000km. If your Peugeot is not due for service yet, but you think there’s a fault somewhere, we recommend that you bring it in as soon as possible so our diagnostics team can find out if there’s a problem.

We Do All Diagnostic Testing

When performing diagnostics tests on your vehicle, we use the best equipment that the industry has available. We meticulously search for the unfamiliar sound or feeling that has made you doubt the stability of your car. We perform the job carefully to ensure that we don’t miss anything important. We believe that it’s best to repair the damage when it’s first discovered, lest it become more extensive and expensive while you wait for your next service date.

The services we perform include oil and fluid changes and refills, 100% authentic Peugeot part replacements, wheel balancing, suspension and alignment, as well as interior and exterior electrical services.

At Full Circle, we pride ourselves on the maintenance repairs and services we provide for all Peugeot models. The community of High Wycombe have turned to loyal customers who recognise us for our professionalism and wonderful customer service.

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