Seat Service

SEAT is Barcelona’s own vehicle production company. Established in 1953, they have been producing beautiful cars for 65 years. At Full Circle, we can service and maintain all SEAT models, regardless of the year or if it’s new or pre-owned. Far from Barcelona, we’re situated in High Wycombe, in the county of Buckinghamshire. Using professional, experienced and trustworthy service, we have become one of the best and most trusted vehicle servicing solutions around.

Service Your Seat Today

SEAT has many different models to choose from, such as sedans, family cars, sporty models, SUVs and hatchbacks. At Full Circle, we’re qualified to keep your SEAT running as it should be, providing a smooth, pleasurable driving experience.

At Full Circle we have one of the best servicing plans available and we offer this at even better prices. Using the best diagnostic equipment available in this industry, we perform testing and assessments in order to evaluate the extent of disrepair in your engine. Once we’ve performed the diagnostics assessment, we can estimate the cost of your service, which comes with a 10% discount on our standard rates. With regular check-ups, your SEAT will be performing beautifully on the roads, as if you’d just bought it brand new.

What We Do

Working with meticulous care, we can repair your brakes, refill liquids, replace faulty parts and change your tyres. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from other vehicle technicians in High Wycombe, and it doesn’t change, even when we’re doing simple jobs like changing sparkplugs. We can also do complex electrical work, as well as wheel alignment, wheel balancing, air conditioning systems and MOT servicing. We even stock and repair SEAT accessories, whereas many other technicians won’t be able to.

Servicing the local owners of SEAT vehicles of High Wycombe, we’ve earned many loyal customers who appreciate our reliable, professional and trustworthy service. Call us today to become one of them.

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