Cam Belts

The cambelt controls the timing of one half of your engine, by rotating the internal combustion engine in perfect synchronisation with the other half. It ensures that the crankshaft and the camshaft rotate at the same time, and at the same pace. A damaged or broken cambelt can cause severe damage, but fortunately, Full Circle is equipped and qualified to install, tighten and replace cambelts.

If your engine begins to make different noises, such as squeaking, hissing, grinding, or rattling, your cambelt may need to be replaced. If the noise is there when you start the engine, and in particular when it’s cold, it could be that your cambelt is loose or worn or needs to be replaced or adjusted.

If your engine is struggling to start, it means that your camshaft isn’t turning because of the cambelt. If the cambelt has broken, the camshaft won’t rotate at all. When doing a service, it’s recommended that you have a look at your cambelt every time. A worn cambelt will show the following signs:

  • A shiny, glazed or glossy underside – this means that the rubber is hardening and cannot provide the flexibility that it needs.
  • A frayed or cracked belt – this means it will break soon, so it needs to be replaced immediately.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid or prevent your cambelt from getting damaged, and the only steps that can be taken to prevent severe damage to your engine are replacing it before it snaps. In an interference engine, if the belt snaps while the car is running, valves and other vital parts of the car can become damaged. This means that your repair costs will be significantly higher. In a non-interference engine, the damage will be much less extensive if the cambelt snaps, but as always, prevention is better than cure.

When servicing your car, it’s recommended that you always check the state of your cambelt. If there’s any kind of wear and tear, or if the rubber is starting to harden, you should replace it immediately. At Full Circle we stock and replace cambelts at an affordable rate, so call us today for asssistance.

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