The clutch is an essential part of a manual-drive vehicle, and when it needs to be replaced or maintained it’s hard not to notice. From a clutch slip to a judder, there are more than a few things that can go wrong with a clutch in disrepair. Fortunately, Full Circle specialises in maintaining and replacing faulty clutches.

The clutch is what connects the wheels to your engine, and it acts as a middle-man between the two systems. When you step on the clutch, the engine is disengaged so you can change gears. When you step on the clutch to stop the car, you need the wheels to prevent rolling, but the engine to keep running – which is what the clutch allows.

As many components make up the clutch, there are a few things that can go wrong if it’s faulty. Luckily, you will start to notice a faulty clutch as soon as you start driving on it.

A clutch slip is when there’s wear and tear on the clutch’s friction material, making it disengage too quickly. When a clutch slips, the friction material begins to overheat, creating a strong smell. The signs of a slipped clutch include when your engine revs unexpectedly or more than usual, and without you touching the accelerator. This kind of wear and tear is drawn out, occurring slowly over time. In this case, by the time you notice something is wrong, the only recommendation is to replace the worn part.

Other clutch issues include a snapped or stretched clutch cable. A clutch judder occurs in hydraulic systems when the oil or hydraulic fluid leaks onto the surface of the clutch. This manifests in a violent jerking or juddering vibration because the flywheel cannot get a substantial grip and therefore tries repeatedly to grip correctly. This feels quite unpleasant to drive and makes the car very difficult to operate.

When your clutch is worn or damaged or is experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, bring your vehicle to Full Circle, in High Wycombe. Our team of technicians is expertly qualified and experienced in clutch system repairs and maintenance. If you know your clutch needs to be looked at, call us today.

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