Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

If you own a diesel-fuel car, you’ll know that you need to replace your particulate filter regularly. Commonly referred to as the DPF – the first time many people commonly come across this is when the DPF warning light comes on. The DPF warning light indicates that there is a DPF problem and the car needs to be checked. 

At Full Circle Vehicle Service and Repair Specialists, handling diesel particulate filters (DPF filters) is one of the core services we’re trained and experienced to deal with. Situated in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK, Full Circle is a family owned and run business, and we’ve been operating since the nineties.

If you drive a diesel-fuel vehicle, you should understand the importance of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) – what it does, how to maintain it and what happens when it needs to be repaired or replaced. For almost 20 years now, all diesel-fuel vehicles have been manufactured with a particulate filter installed in the engine, as this has been a mandatory addition since 2005.

A particulate filter reduces a vehicle’s carbon dioxide and pollutant emissions. The part traps, stores and filters the soot being emitted into the environment, which prevents black smoke from coming out of the exhaust pipe when the car accelerates or travels at high speeds. All filters have a finite lifespan, therefore your particulate filter needs to be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis.

At Full Circle, when we clean or regenerate a diesel filter we burn off the soot that has accumulated, and it’s vitally important that you engage a professional to perform this service. Removing the particulate filter without proper certification is illegal, so it’s essential that you leave it to professionals like us.

People who live in urban areas need to replace or clean their filters more frequently than rural dwellers, as the constant idling and stop-start driving that comes with travelling in a city will cause their filters to clog at a faster rate. Most modern cars will automatically calculate the particulate build-up and notify the driver when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. Putting it off could increase your fuel consumption, reduce performance and increase carbon emissions.

Using modern technology and heating tools, the team at Full Circle can clean or replace your filters at no inconvenience or exorbitant cost to you. And as we’re qualified and experienced to perform various repair and vehicle services, you can contact us for all this and more by calling 01494 463582.