Engine Diagnostics

Performing diagnostic tests is a sure way to decipher the condition of your motor. It can show you if there are minor or significant faults under the bonnet and what part of the engine needs to be looked at. At Full Circle Vehicle Service and Repair Specialists in High Wycombe, we perform diagnostic testing on any vehicle brand as a specialty service.

Newer models of vehicles are manufactured with computerised systems inside of the engine. These computers use software to pinpoint problems in the engine and where they are, using built-in microchips, processors and sensors. The computer monitors engine emissions and is continually adjusting the engine to make sure that emissions are as low as possible. They also receive information from various sensors, including the oxygen, temperature, air pressure, throttle position and fuel system.

Performing diagnostic testing on a vehicle during an annual service is of utmost importance. These tests detect problems inside the engine before the damage extends to something you can’t afford and before your car stops working. Another thing to take note of is that not every problem inside your engine will cause the check engine light to turn on, which means you need to have diagnostic tests performed at least once a year to make sure that everything in the motor is working as it should be.

A diagnostic test can reveal problems in the engine, transmission, brakes and the exhaust systems. It’s also able to pick up performance issues in the throttle, ignition coils, air flow, coolant and fuel injectors. Using code-reading software during a diagnosis, we’re only able to see which engine components are out of range, meaning that the test doesn’t tell us the cause of the problem. This means that you need professional and efficient technicians like the ones at Full Circle to use their experience, training and skills to open up the engine and see what’s happening on the inside.

At Full Circle High Wycombe we perform comprehensive diagnostics services, using the best technology and software available to diagnose the problems in your engine. We can detect a minor issue and repair it effectively before it becomes a major problem that will cost you money. Call us now to book a diagnostics test.

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