Locking Wheel-Nut Removal

At Full Circle Vehicle Service and Repair Specialists, we’re your solution for any tyre related job or worry. Situated in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, we specialise in offering a multitude of vehicle-related repair and maintenance services, including locking wheel nut removal.

A standard wheel nut is generally secure and easy to remove. This means that the risk of the theft of your tyres is greatly increased. With the right tools and a little bit of time, you find that someone has left your vehicle on bricks, minus your rims and tyres.

To prevent this, locking wheel nuts are a solution. The rim is fixed onto the threaded bolt shafts by a locking wheel nut, and the nut maintains the lock on the wheel shaft by a nylon thread insert, which lines the nut’s centre hole. Locking wheel nuts are almost possible to remove without damaging your tyres or rims if you don’t have the right tool.

Each set of locking wheel nuts comes with a patterned indent and a key which matches the nut. The key is the only way to remove a locking wheel nut without causing damage. There are many variants to buy, most are affordable, and the chances of a thief having the correct keys for your chosen nut are low. This is why locking wheel nuts are recommended for every vehicle owner.

When the time comes to replace your tyres or rims, you’ll need professional assistance. It may be possible to remove the locking wheel nut with a wrench, however, this DIY attempt will damage the rims. It’s important to keep the key somewhere safe, perhaps in the glovebox or in a small toolbox in the boot for when you need it. However, there might come an emergency where you can’t get to your keys or have lost them.

At Full Circle, we have a range of locking wheel nuts and their corresponding keys for sale. Let us show you how to use the key to remove the wheel nut, and where to store it.

Keep your vehicle and tyres safe from theft by buying a locking wheel nut and key set from Full Circle Vehicle Service and Repair Specialists today.

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