We are suppliers of Vitora Tyres. Vitora is a vibrant brand of high quality performance tyres, offering the ultimate experience in comfort and safety, enhancing your driving experience and ensuring peace of mind.

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Your tyres are an important aspect of your vehicle and are instrumental in keeping you safely on the road.

Blowouts, tyre tread and air leaks all increase the risk of you experiencing an accident, so it’s important to make sure that your tyres are in working order 24/7. Full Circle Vehicle Service and Repair Specialists can assist you with all your tyre troubles and services.

Tyres in good condition have a deep tread. In Britain, the legal minimum tread is 1.6mm. The tyre tread is made up of grooves along the rubber that grip the road by creating traction. This means that when you’re driving, your tyres don’t slide on the road.

Tyres are filled with compressed air which provides cushioning, protects the rim and absorbs shock. You should check the condition of your tyres at least once a month. Look out for a low tread and bumps, tears or bubbles in the rubber. If you find wear and tear such as this, visit Full Circle for a professional inspection.

There are some safety risks to consider when you drive on damaged tyres. When driving on wet roads with tyres that have low treads, you could hydroplane. The tread allows for rainwater to channel through the grooves. If you have no thread, a layer of water will be trapped between the tyres and the road, causing your car to slide along the way. This makes your vehicle difficult to control.

Worn tyres are prone to leaking air. A leak causes low air pressure, which causes damage to rims and shock absorbers, causing more wear and tear. Low air pressure affects steering and braking, as well as increases your fuel costs and the risk of a puncture, which could cause a blowout. A blowout makes it very difficult to control the vehicle when it’s in motion.

At Full Circle, we’re tyre specialists for any brand of vehicle and any year or model. We stock and source tyres for all types of brands, along with rims and mags. We’re also able to inspect the condition of your tyres, as well as change them if they’re old or damaged, and fill them if they are losing air pressure. Contact us today for any tyre problems you could have.

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